13 Nov 2014

Change and adaptivity: Peak Performance through transformational change

From the previous post it is clear that rapid changes are challenging and require organisations and people not only to respond fast to changes, but also to anticipate and prepare to what will happen. Can an existing organisation move to this required state of Peak Performance?

The answer is yes, and what is needed is actually a combination of common sense, practical approach, but most important of all, focus on the human component in realising Peak Performance. Unlocking full potential includes:

  • Move from incremental thinking to transformational thinking.
  • People orientation and focus on intrinsic drivers and barriers: move from top-down approach to bottom-up flow of initiatives implying the need for a non-hierarchical leadership style.
  • Induce a process that attracts outside talent and customer focus realising a sustainable situation.
  • Induce changes which aim at realising adaptivity and ability to cope with complexity: set a focus on the external world, breaking down the walls between the organisation and external stakeholders.
  • Give people the feeling that they can really have an impact on society, customers as well as their team by being innovative, creative and performant (see picture below).


Performance, creativity and innovation triangle leading to Peak Performance

This can only be realised by applying tools that assess the situation in terms of degree of readiness for Peak Performance, define areas of opportunity and barriers, as well as define the necessary actions to realise the desired state of the organisation.

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