23 Apr 2018

Successful collaboration workshop

Mon, 23/04/2018 - 09:00 to Tue, 24/04/2018 - 17:00

Our 2-day 'successful collaboration' workshop is open for individuals, team members and leaders!

Discover how you can build stronger relationships with your own talents and personality, and use communication skills to your advantage!


Why you should attend this workshop:


You'll step away with a personal action plan that leads to personal leadership and better team skills.


You'll learn everything you need to become more successful in your day to day interactions with colleagues, friends and family. Our expert coaches Ruth and Sophie will share their best tips and tricks and you're about to learn that it is all much simpler than it seems. 


During this 2-day workshop, you'll learn (among other things) how to:

  • Recognize your own talents

  • See what you have to offer to your team

  • See how your team members contribute the most

  • Break through pervasive (communication) patterns

  • Build on sustainable relationships

  • Learn and apply an appreciative language

  • Join a difficult conversation with confidence

  • Increase the team's results

  • Positively influence the atmosphere and cooperation

  • Develop yourself

  • and much more


What to expect?

The workshop agenda will provide a deep dive on 3 aspects:

Circle of succesful collaboration - Diversity, Communication and Getting to win-win



  • Belbin Team roles

  • Link to Collaboration

  • Link to diversity, appreciative inquiry and Talent management



  • Effective communication

  • Having sensitive/difficult conversations

  • Communication Dynamics and Patterns

  • ‘Recognition’ exercise, one of the 5 languages


Getting to win-win

  • Building confidence

  • Expectation management and trust

  • Applying appreciative inquiry techniques



Coaching works! I mean everyone is born with talents but the differentiating factor is to be able to inspire and deliver results with one’s message. This is what the 2-day training with Ruth and Sophie brought to me; through their personable approach, they helped me see and improve my communication, listening, and interpersonal skills which led to better productivity and long-term results.  


The biggest thing I got out of this training was becoming more aware of where my strengths lay and what I could offer with these. Previously I thought that these were nice to have attributes but I couldn’t see the full potential for them.  I now understand where I can get the most energy out of my work and what I can offer to my colleagues.

Looking back at my career I can now see that I have been displaying these skills for years and I can also see why I have gravitated to my current role.  This helps me understand where I am now and where I may be best suited to go in the future.




As I’m new to my team at work, it was resourceful for me in understanding the teammates that I will be working with. I consider it as an effective ice-breaker in understanding each other characters and strength, and enabling effective cooperation.


Thought provoking!


The 2day course including the personalized coaching has brought much insight to how I am, behave and how I can better work with others when they were not though much in our daily grind. With the information from what others think of me and my own assessment, I am able to apply and be aware of how I can improve in areas I may not be strong in or express more of those positive behaviors others noticed in me. Knowing the characteristics of my team members also allow me to adapt to their working styles. I would highly recommend the course and coaching to any leaders who would like to bring up the team spirit and collaboration.



Registration information (Only 20 space left!):

This workshop will take place in the Antwerp area (Edegem, Belgium) (click here for google maps, more details will follow)


Participating in this exciting 2-day workshop will cost € 950 (VAT excl). This fee includes:

  • a personal team role-analysis

  • an information set

  • healthy lunch / breaks


In case you're subscribing as a company/entrepreneur, you can get a 40% discount using the "KMO-portefeuille"! (more info, click here)


After subscription, you'll receive:

  • An invitation (with link) to fill out the Interplace questionnaires (and 360 ° feedback) online, with a small explanation, needed to prepare a team role analysis for each participant

  • Filling in these questionnaires takes about 20 minutes. We would like to receive the completed questionnaires a few days before the start of the workshop to prepare properly

  • A detailed program, a list of participants and directions to the location.


We are looking forward working with you!



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