Team coaching

Why is it that many teams call themselves a team, but hardly really cooperate? That managers do not get a grip on all those different styles and personalities in the team? That team members only get annoyed by the way their colleagues are different and wonder desperately why nobody understands what they understand.
Teamwork is something you have to want, be able to and must dare. 
It means that you search for common goals and interests, that you understand who is good at what, and that you know how to make all those different talents - at the right time and in the right place - productive.
We've mastered several coaching and communication techniques (e.g. appreciative inquiry, neuro-linguistic programming, Belbin, Rose of Leary, and many more) to be able to use the best of all worlds.  


Typically we start of with the Belbin model to get to know your team. This model makes clear what everyone's best role and contribution to a team can be. It emphasizes the importance of
  • diversity of characters in the team,
  • the good distribution of the roles and
  • the alignment of the personalities with the group tasks.

Every team member fills out a short questionnaire (and 360° feedback by a few observers) in an online Interplace platform. Filling out these forms takes about 20 minutes. This allows us to create a personal team role analysis and view on your natural behaviours.  Shortly thereafter, you experience this yourself in the team event we organize. It's a day filled with joy, group exercises, learnings and personal feedback.

Once we listened to the team's desires and needs, we can co-create with them the next steps to excellence.

ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results

In our trainings, you will learn how to 
  • Recognize your own talents
  • See what you have to offer to your team
  • See how your team members contribute the most
  • Break through pervasive (communication) patterns
  • Building on sustainable relationships
  • Learning and applying an appreciative language
  • Join a difficult conversation with confidence
  • Increase the team's results
  • Positively influence the atmosphere and cooperation
  • Develop yourself
  • and much more


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