About us

We help teams to grow, transform & perform by supporting them to think, act and feel differently (Sometimes inspiring, facilitating, directing, but above all in co-creation)

Katara works on solutions that have impact and create the TEAMS and organizations of the future. It’s about meaningful solutions that combine peak performance with human strength. We believe in sustainable and satisfying work, motivated employees, efficient processes. We are solution architects, strategically filling your overarching needs. Organizing your organization. Customers choose for Katara to share the pressure of results and temporarily take over the direction of cross-functional projects. They ask us to be a scout (literally ‘pathfinder’), connector (bring people together; without conflict of interest), creative coach (support people in the task at hand), technical translator (pragmatic use of tools), team leader (motivational and/or result-oriented),booster (in crisis or to lead), or conceptual renewer (present the overview, using knowledge of many fields). Our core markets are in pharmaceuticals, food, sports, biotech, hospitals and health, where we can offer specialized services. 

Customers value our engagement and involvement. We don’t just recommend and give advice but join forces and dare to take the upper hand. This inspires others and can even stimulate culture change. We collaborate with you and work close enough to operate and direct out of the heart of your organization. Our passion for results (performance) and your success are our criteria.

Our knowledge of both development and the markets, the local and international regulations, relevant organization processes and leading trends define the power of Katara. We inject all this in the concepts and systemic solutions we create to impact future performing organizations. To achieve the best possible result, we collaborate with many specialists and high-quality suppliers.

We promote a solution focused attitude: this attitude enables us to see many options, possibilities and alternatives for products and processes. We believe the best solutions are already present (in the available potential); we just help to find them.
Context and environment are extremely important to find the right solution. Next to adaptation, we need creation to be successful (otherwise there’s nothing left than running behind). This principle also applies to organizational ‘ways of working’. Yóu are content-based experts, wé are experts in managing (change) processes; together we can build the most effective solutions. Combining the desired future (your idea and goal) with the power to achieve this, results in innovative change. 

Katara has a broad expertise and many (university) degrees: together we hold master degrees in Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Business Administration (MBA), Program Management, Process Excellence, Market Access, Team role Management, Coaching, NLP, and Philosophy. Prior to Katara, we applied and learned all this in employee and consultancy roles (see LinkedIn). We now use all of this to bridge between different areas of expertise and look at things in an original way. That makes us perfectly fit to solve different problems and face challenges.​

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