TEAM role management - BELBIN methodology


Building effective teams


The objective is to trigger more initiative, accountability and feeling of ownership in the (virtual) team. Management would like to see a more effective team operating; collaboratively reaching their objectives and realizing peak performance. It might be worthwhile to investigate the team member’s expectations on their job and company environment.

Katara’s objective is to prepare and lead/facilitate a team workshop. The proposal is to get the most out of the team-day via a good preparation and making it personalized and tailored. This will allow for more impact and a real noticeable evolution towards realizing better team performance.

In advance of the workshop, each team member is asked to complete the Belbin Team Roles Survey and invite 4-6 people to score them in a 360° feedback word questionnaire. It takes 15 minutes and 5 minutes respectively, and can be filled in electronically. Results will give information on preferred and natural character roles, which are more important than expertise and position in view of teamwork. The analysis will be shared individually and systemically reviewed in the team. This will indicate missing skills and possible solutions for the team to be successful.

Katara is Belbin certified.


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