• We helpen teams te groeien, transformeren en presteren door hen anders te doen denken, handelen en voelen (door te inspireren, faciliteren, leiden, maar bovenal door samen te co-creëren)

Teams are our passion

Katara is a value driven organization which has a passion for teams in all its aspects. It is our purpose to help these teams to grow, transform & perform by supporting them to think, act and feel differently. (Sometimes inspiring, facilitating, directing, but above all in co-creation)

By analyzing a team (using our unique Peak Performer test or the Belbin methodology) we get an insight in the specific points of attention for the team. After a thorough screening, we will propose a team-specific plan of action (by means of teamtweaks, tailored support, custom-made workshops and personalized teamcoaching). Where applicable we'll support the team in their daily activities (e.g. project management, lifehacking and task driven efficiencies). In addition we also pay attention to the position of the individual in a team or offer an individual coaching (both professionally as personally). In a last step, we follow the progression of the team / individual over time.

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